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Allama Shafaat Rasool

Allama Shafaat Rasool is an Islamic religious scholar known for his contributions to Islamic education and interfaith dialogue. He is a respected figure among the Muslim community and has authored several books on Islamic theology, jurisprudence, and spirituality

In addition to his scholarly work, Allama Shafaat Rasool regularly delivers lectures and participates in conferences on various topics related to Islam and interfaith dialogue. He is widely respected for his knowledge, wisdom, and commitment to promoting peace and understanding among people of different faiths.

Allama Shafaat Rasool's Lectures and Speeches are very helpful for:
  • Muslims
  • Non-Muslims
  • Students
  • Society
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Latest Programs

Watch the latest Programs of Allama Shafaat Rasool.
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Mehfil e Milad e Mustafa | Latest Bayan 2023 by Allama Shafaat Rasool.

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Ideology of development according to Quran and Science By Allama Shafaat Rasool

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Ihtram e Sahaba aor Shan E Ahle Bait Latest Bayan Allama Shafaat Rasool 2023

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ZIKER E MUSTAFA by Allama Peer Shaffat Rasool Sahab 2022
Khuda Ka Zikr Kare Zikre Mustafa Na Kare

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Shan E Siddique Akbar by Allama Peer Shafaat Rasool Sahab 2022

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Hazoor P.B.U.H Ka Maa Baap kae Nafarman kae Liyee Hukam | حضور ﷺ کا ماں کے نا فرمان کے لیے حکم

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